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Toolkit  For Thinking

The goal of this website is to give you a set of tools that will help you to be more creative, to sharpen your critical thinking and to create value by applying your ideas. Even small improvements in the the way you think add up over time. There are three key sections:
  • Creative Thinking Tools - to help you become more creative and have fun with your imagination.
  • Critical Thinking Tools - to sharpen your critical thinking, identify useful ideas and eliminate the ideas that are holding you back.
  • Value Creation Tools - to help you apply ideas and create something of value to yourself and others.
 Creative Thinking
 Critical Thinking
 Creating Value
5 WhysAnatomy of an ArgumentCumulative Value
Brainstorming Logic and Logical Fallacies Decision Making
Concept Fan

Mind Mapping
Six Thinking Hats

Random Word Stimulation                      

Why is this important: Better Thinking = Better Results = Better Life