Subconscious Thinking

One source of creative thinking is your own subconscious. To be more effective you need to systematically engage 

Step 1 Engage your subconscious 
  • Make your subconscious aware of what you want to focus on
    • Involve as many senses as possible
    • Draw it or picture it to create a visual image
    • Imaging doing it - Mentally rehearse it
    • Say it
    • Mind Map - creating a map again using as many sense as possible

Step 2 Reminders and repartition
  • Set-up reminders
    • A picture
    • Physical Object
    • Before sleep

Step 3 Listen to subconscious
  • Relax , day dream. Ideas from your subconscious often jump into the conscious mind during:
    • Shower
    • Bath
    • Day dreaming
    • Reading a book

Step 4 Be ready to capture the idea
  • Your subconscious does not work to a schedule so you need to be ready to capture the idea.
    • Pen and paper
    • Smart Phone
    • Notepad by your bed