Bare assertion fallacy

This fallacy makes no attempt to use logic to justify the conclusion and is an argument by authority. For example, if you are in the army there are situations where there is no time for debate. Your commanding office simply tells you. If you challenge the assertion you are likely to be shouted at or worse. The fallcy takes the form: it is true because I told you it is true.

Name of fallacy Bare assertion fallacy
Type Deductive Logic Argument, Formal Argument
Description A premise in an argument is assumed to be true merely because it says that it is true.
Example Simon says that Jack eats ice cream
Simon says that Simon is not lying
Conclusion: Therefore, Jack eats ice cream
FormArgument of the form:
Fact 1: X claims statement A
Fact 2: X claims that X is not lying
Conclusion: Therefore, A is true
Treatment Dealt with by showing that the assumption to truth is not justified.