24 Fun Children's Garden Learning Activities


The garden is a great place for children to have fun and learn. The following pages provide 24 fun and learning garden activities for your children and you. The :
  • Growing it
  • Build it
  • Games
  • Craft

Your children will not know it but running through all of the activities is a 4 part learning framework. Each activity has different focuses but they all teach your children to  

  • Think: think creatively and use their imagination
  • Do: Act on what you have imagined and thought about. Put your thoughts into action.
  • Record: Observe, record what they have done, analyse it  
  • Share: Share with your family and friends the results (plants grown), photos taken, observations

This 4 part framework give your children a lifelong approach and skills that are useful in all areas of life.

The first activity is to create a 1 square meter garden with your child. This will give your child something they own, a sense of achievement and the starting point for the 'grow it' activities. The 1 square meter garden simplifies the garden for your child and by building a simple clay watering pot your watering the plants becomes much easier.