Garden Bird Watch

Spend an hour in January with your children observing and counting the birds in your garden. It is easy, fun, educational and you create worthwhile data you can share with the RSPB.

  • Register for the Big Garden Bird Watch with the RSPB
  • Make bird seed cake
  • Fill the bird feeders
  • Optional: Make sure you have some binoculars available
  • Print the bird identification and count sheet

On the day:

The idea is to watch the birds in your garden for one hour and to record the highest number of birds of the same type you see at one time. Some birds will come back many times over the hour so don't count the total number of birds of each type you see.

  • Warm up asking your child to try to name all the birds they see for the first 10 minutes using the worksheet
  • Over the 1 hour record on the worksheet the maximum number of birds of each type seen at the same time.
  • Finalize the bird counting street and send to RSPB