Cumulative Value


Core Principle of Cumulative Value

  • People as a general are motivated to act on things that will benefit them
  • Therefore you need to offer value and benefit
  • People put pressure on themselves by expecting to find a single instant complete solution.
  • Buy continually adding small additions the benefit and value of something or someone can accumulate over time.
  • As a strategy look for processes/repeated actions where value can accumulate
  • Look for strategies where you can facilitate the accumulation of value - family and friends input adds value
  • Single most valuable investment you can make!!! invest in something you can quickly jot notes in and keep with you at all times.
  • Ideas, memories, actions can strike you any time. Write them down so that you don't loose them. 5 seconds and they can be lost.
  • A small note book is cheep and simple to use.
  • Writing down ideas etc as  you have them has two big advantages
    • The act of writing them down helps you remember them in the short to medium term
    • One you have them written down you can store them and come back to them at a later date. Reuse them, use them to spark new ideas, think about them more and develop them. 

Examples of Cumulative Value Collections:

  • Ideas - old ideas spark new ideas
  • Things to do - things repeat themselves
  • Achievements - psychologically it is good to keep a list of your achievements. It is so easy to forget what you have achieved and just focus on the tasks ahead.
  • Business cards
  • book list - what people recommend - what you like
  • things to buy - what you fond to be good in the past
  • Present ideas - ideas for birthday and festival presents 
  • Restaurants
  • Wine List - discover what you like
  • Recipes
  • Films
  • Holiday locations
  • Days out
  • Goals
  • Family health
  • Doctors Log
  • Plants log
The following templates are designed to be simple to use or adapt and to allow you to accumulate value by using them repeatedly.

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